VIP Hack for WarRock

Works on:
  • Windows7 <-32|64-> Works
  • Windows Vista <-32|64-> Work
  • Windows XP <-32|64 Not Tested

VIP Hack for WarRock

If hack crashed just change name of it:

  • RemoteVehicle = EnterVehicle and turn function on and have fun
  • Aimbot = MakeSure to turn (Aimbot|AimbotKey|Distance) else it won’t work
  • PlayersHacks = UnlAmmo -> Hold gun then turn it on
  • ServerHacks = RemoveMapName | RemovePlayerCharacter = Turn on lobby
  • VehicleHacks = VehNFD -> Can’t be Turned OFF
  • PowerLevel (ALL OF THEM ) = Turn ther stuff on at lobby
How to RunPowerLevel CQC ?
  • 1_Turn All functions inside PowerLevel CQC Folder ‘ ON ‘
  • 2_Turn MapTeleport and pick ur map that ur powerleveling on
  • 3_Hold Something on F
Download links for VIP Hack for WarRock:

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