Multiclient for Dragon Nest SEA v76

Multiclient for Dragon Nest SEA v76

Multiclient: You can run multiple clients at a time.
You can as well run from the launcher. One at a time. Or you can do it multiple by running the first dnLauncher.exe as administrator.
Just extract the rar into your Dragon Nest Sea’s folder. Overwrite everything. Or make a backup (just incase error occurs).
Make a shortcut via Right clicking on your desktop -> New -> Shortcut -> Paste this (where <Your DN Location> is the location of your Dragon Nest Sea.) :

"<Your DN Location>DragonNest.exe" /ip:;; /port:14301;14301;14301 /Lver:2 /use_packing
Download links for Multiclient for Dragon Nest SEA v76:

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