Ghost Recon Online Trainer

Hello everyone and here’s newest trainer, GroTrainer.
This is basically an update of first trainer that had only no wall collision but this one has more features.

Features :
1. No wall collision
2. Teleport

Numpad :
First, numpad 1 is used if you want to have controll of X position,
numpad 2 is used if you want to have controll of Y position,
numpad 3 is used if you want to have controll of Z position.
(Selected position’s caps lock will be green)

Hotkeys :
Green “G” is to enable/disable wall collision.
Green “Caps lock” is to teleport in posX, posY or posZ.
“Page up” is to increase selected position by 1
“Page down” is to decrease selected position by 1

Current pos :
Textboxes are showing your current position in game (XYZ coords)

How teleportation work on this tab :
Let’s say you put 5 in the Y position, when you’ll press “Caps lock” (if the right one is selected), it’ll ADD 5 to your current Y position, so you’ll “jump” in the air. Same thing for other coords.



Download links for Ghost Recon Online Trainer:

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