DotA 6.76c AI Map

DotA 6.76c AI Map is going to be the next big thing after official map. DotA v6.76c AI will take weeks to release because of massive amount of changes from 6.75/6.76. The developer PBMN will have to sucessfully implement each and every change in a sequence to make the AI map work. When the map releases, it will support Arc Warden and Winter Wyvern AI.
But until then, we have to wait.

DotA 6.76c AI Map

A Chinese DotA AI Developer DotaER has released an unofficial version of DotA 6.76c AI. It is fully compatible with v6.76c. You can enjoy this map until the official version comes out!
Get the .w3x file from the link above and move it in ‘Warcraft 3MapsDownload’ directory in order to play.
Download links for DotA 6.76c AI Map:

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