Crysis 3 v1.4 Multihacks


+Infinite Ammo (SP/MP)
+Infinite Hunter Bow Arrow (SP/MP)
+Infinite Energy (SP ONLY!)
+NoRecoil (SP/MP)
+NoSpread (SP/MP)
+Toggle Nametags (MP ONLY!)
+NoClip (SP/MP)
+SpeedHack (SP/MP)
+Extreme Jump (SP/MP)
+Infinite Cloak (SP/MP)
+Infinite Nanovision (SP/MP)
+Force Pre Match Cloak (MP)
+NoBulletCooldown(SP/MP?) – NEW!

-=How to Deactivate Extreme Jump Properly=-
1. Deactivate Extreme Jump
2. Wait until the next map change


1. Deactivate Extreme Jump
2. Activate “Reset Extreme Jump 2 Normal”
3. Perform High Jump (Holding Down Jump Button)
4. Deactivate “Reset Extreme Jump 2 Normal”

 Crysis 3 v1.4 Multihacks

Download links for Crysis 3 v1.4 Multihacks:


HERE IS THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR Crysis 3 v1.4 Multihacks - Also, can be downloaded on your PC/MAC. Open this page with your computer browser for torrent or direct link download!
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