Conquer Online 2 – Binary Server Key Dumper

This tool can be used to dump the key from Binary servers 5095/5065 (Maybe other versions too but not tested)

The tool will give you all the information you need to create a unprotected exe for the desired server.

Please make sure you have .net framework 4.0 installed on your computer
Compatibilty: XP,Vista,Windows7,Windows 8. (32 and 64bit)


Step1. Extract The RaR File
Step2. Run ConquerBlowfishDumper.exe
Step3. Launch the target client.
Step4. Login Normally with the target client.
Step5. You will recieve a message box.. warning you that you will be disconnected.. (Press OK)
Step6. Login Again..
Step7. You now have the blowfish keys.. etc etc.


Conquer Online 2 – Binary Server Key Dumper

Download links for Conquer Online 2 – Binary Server Key Dumper:

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