Cod4 External Multihack v1.0 – Call of Duty 4

Cod4 External Multihack v1.0 – Call of Duty 4 .Hey everyone, this is an external hack I made for Cod4 to be undetectable by Punkbuster. So I finished the hack and tried it on a PB server… Turns out, aero kept being disabled and this hack relies on the transparency features of aero, so I’m not too sure if anyone has a solution for this, but if aero stays on this hack should work perfect and be undetectable.

Aimbot Box ESP
Name ESP
Distance ESP
and Crosshair


How to Use:
The hack only works in windowed mode and aero must be on. I think there is a noborder option for cod4 that you can set so it’s windowed but looks fullscreen. Google it
Simply start Cod4 and then start the exe. Press insert to open/close the menu and end to close the hack. It will also automatically close when cod4 does. Right click is the aim key for the aimbot.

Download links for Cod4 External Multihack v1.0 – Call of Duty 4:

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